Tshirts on the way!


Shirts by Third Eye Designs, photography by ADH Photos Maryland

Here’s sneak peak at the t-shirts before I throw them up on the store.  Much love to Kayla at Third Eye Designs for printing these up for me, and of course to my loving wife at ADH Photos Maryland for taking these pictures.  Thanks for not making me look fat.

Just a quick reminder, my Redbubble shop is GONE.  The link on my blog has been removed completely, and will be replaced with a direct link to the shop once it’s up.

Alright, now I’m goin’ to bed.  Stay gold, kids.


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Gearing up to open up shop!

Good evening Minions!

Sorry for the much delayed blog post!  I been running around like a crazy person trying to get stuff goin’, and I wanted to just write a quick blog to fill you all in.

Firstly, the store will be powered by Etsy (shocker.) and attached to the official website.  I chose them because they’re well known, their store is easy to use, and most importantly, it integrates with my site.

I’m picking up the first batch of limited edition t-shirts tomorrow.  Big props to Kayla Williams at Third Eye Designs.  These shirts will be very limited, so once they go up on the store, you’ll have to grab them fast!

Also got a couple posters that’ll go up as well.  But the REAL news is I have a NEW illustration that’s already on canvas and should be arriving in a few days.  This one will be part of a series, and it’s some of my best work.  Stay tuned for that!

Finally, I’ve got some sample designs on canvas and metal prints.  Anyone interested in commissioning me can have their final work displayed on either of the two in a few different sizes.

Pics of all this stuff will be following shortly.  Just know that I’m alive, and I’m getting things moving.

Stay Gold,


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T-shirts and posters and prints! (oh my!)

Greetings, Minions!

As of right now, I’m up to 571 followers, and I couldn’t be more humbled. Thank you all for following and enjoying my content!

That said, I haven’t posted any original work in quite some time, and there’s a reason for that, the short answer being: I’m a lazy fuck.

Wait wait wait, there’s more to it than that, I swear..

Aside from having a few sketches that I’m working on, you’ll be pleased to know that I have merch coming in soon! Go some posters and t-shirts in route, and I’ll have my store up on the website shortly as well.

JUST SIT TIGHT! DADDY’S GOT YA! Keep checking back, tell your friends about this scary shit, and if you REALLY wanna light a fire under my ass, just send me a message like “DUDE..WHERE’S THE ART!?”

In the meantime, here’s a small sketch preview of something I’m working on.  Stay gold.


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Congratulations to Antoinette Marie Bynum for winning the first ever Quid Industries Movie Ticket and Grab Bag Giveaway!

Please join us in congratulating Antoinette!  We’ll be doing another movie ticket and grab bag giveaway in the future, so make sure you check the blog frequently!  I’ll also be giving my thorough review of the remake of IT!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


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Next Friday, we’re all gonna float down here.

Whether you’ve known me for years or you just so happened to stumble across my blog or website, you know I’m heavily obsessed with scary clowns.  The ghastly ear-to-ear smiles of their warpaint-stained faces are a recurring theme in my artwork.  It’s kind of my thing.

So it should be no surprise that I will be one of many coulroholics (weirdos obsessed with clowns) assembling at my local theater for the 2017 remake of Stephen King’s IT.  I’ve been pumped for this film for months, and I need to be there in person to witness it in all its terrifying glory when it opens in theaters on September 7th…and I want you there with me!

Which is why I’m doing my very first official Quid Industries Movie Ticket and Grab Bag Giveaway!!

One lucky minion will get two tickets for them and a friend to see IT in theaters with me and my lovely wife.  You’ll both also get a special grab bag full of some clown swag so creepy, I can’t even tell you what it is!

Only a couple rules (ugh.), and they’re real simple:

1.)  This is a LOCAL GIVEAWAY, so you either have to live in this great state of Maryland, or be willing to travel here.

2.) The movie is rated R, so you both must be 18 or older to enter.

We will be meeting up on September 7th at the AMC Columbia 14 cinema, outside Columbia Mall, around 6pm EST.  The show starts at 7pm EST.

To enter, all you gotta do is:

  1. Head to the Quid Industries Facebook page to find the giveaway post.*
  2. Leave a comment on the post telling us your favorite scary clown and why.

That’s it!  We’ll randomly pick the winner Wednesday, September 6th at 11:59pm, EST.  Then I’ll reach out to you via Facebook to let you know that you won, and that YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!

Good luck!



*This contest has no affiliation with Facebook.

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In the span of a month, I have gone from less than 250 followers, to now over 400, and I can’t even put into words how thankful I am.  You all are seriously supporting what I do and it shows every day.  Every time I check, my followers are going up and up.

And QUICK too!  Last night, I’m pretty sure I was at 387.  By the time I left work today, I was at 390, so I sent out a Twitter message asking for a bit of help, and shortly after, it jumped up to 395.
At this point, I was so excited, I posted another message on Facebook, asking you all to help me even the shit out with another 5 followers, and inside of 10 minutes, you all responded like the Kool-Aid man through a newly painted wall.Now this might not seem like anything big to some people, especially those of you who are killing it with your thousands of followers, but for me, this is huge.  You all are helping me get myself out there, and that means the world to me.  From the bottom of my Lycan heart, I thank you for all your support.  Keep spreading the word about my blog, website, and artwork, and I’ll do my best to post more frequently and draw even more of this weird crap.

Stay tuned, I got something special coming up!  Hope ya like clowns…


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New business card! 

Back of card (top) and front of card

Finally arrived! And damn if it don’t look official!

If drawings of sadistic wrestling clowns and strange, morbidly obese fairies carrying crunchy strips of bacon doesn’t entice people to commission me for work, I don’t know what will.


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