Atari Teenage Nightmares, Series #2

Instagram Pac Man

Pac-Man: The Gluttonous Maw

Greetings loyal Minions!

As promised, more God Tier grossness from my Atari Teenage Nightmares miniseries.  The yellow bastard is finally here in all his voracious glory, and he’s a big, THICC, toothy, drooling mess.  Go give him some sugah, you know you wanna..

Had a metric crap ton of fun drawing this dude, especially with my new Huion tablet I just picked up.  Now I got a fully mobile digital art setup for days when I’m tired of staring at the four walls of my dungeon apartment and I need to get some air…and iced coffee.  I’m still test driving the tablet, but my next post will most likely be a nice, thorough review of it, so stay tuned for that.

Still got the Mrs. to finish for ya, and if you’re cool, maybe I’ll do a digi-illy with EVERYONE from the Pac-Man arcade game in it and give it to some lucky Minion.  That could happen, friends.  I’m not above pawning off these illustrated atrocities on you.  They can’t all live in my apartment with me.  They’re like Pound Puppies – they wanna come home with you.

If you’re as disturbed as me (pfftt…yeah right) and have an idea for a retro game that you wanna see me completely disrespect in such a horrid manner as this, leave me some comments.  I aim to please.

Wakka wakka, dudes.


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Atari Teenage Nightmares, Series #1

Greetings loyal minions!  I’m back with some more creepy stuff!

I’m hoping these four dudes look familiar to you (if not, I’m clearly too old to be on the Internet).

Much like most of my ideas for illustrations, this one’s been sorta brewin’ in my mind for quite some time.  The idea of taking old skool, 8-Bit characters and creating scarier versions of them is something I’ve always enjoyed the concept of, and what better game to do this with than Namco’s classic coin swallower Pac Man.

There’s an infinite number of ways I coulda drawn these guys, but in the end, I went for a “floating-executioner’s-mask” kind of look.  I also gave them several rips in their sheets and some splatter texture to make them look as old as death itself.  I think it works for them.

Each ghost has a title that somewhat reflects their in-game personalities:

Instagram Blinky

Blinky – The Alpha Atrocity

Instagram Pinky

Pinky – The Lustful Trickster

Instagram Inky

Inky – The Elusive Hand of Doom

Instagram Clyde

Clyde – The Tormented and Broken

I know what you’re thinking…”Well okay, we see the ghosts…so where the hell’s the fat yellow glob and his wife?”  Don’t worry, they’re coming next.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, make sure to add my art Instagram page..and if you really like me, you can also add my personal one as well. 🙂

Move scary stuff coming your way!


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Portrait Of An American Politician

Portrait Of An American Politician. Sketched on paper, scanned into PC, inked and colored in Photoshop. 2019

Greetings loyal Minions…and I DO MEAN LOYAL. You’d have to be loyal to still be reading this blog when my last post was like 8 months ago.

Real talk, I don’t really have any valid excuse other than….sorry? Those who have kept up with me know that I do this from time to time. Go a year without posting anything, then show up outta nowhere with creepy shit. I’m like the 17 year cicadas.

Whatever, the point is, I’m here now, I still love you, and here’s some more creepy shit from inside the pipeline.

I’m not a person who wears his political views on his sleeve, but America had sorta set themselves up for this. It’s not an illustration of anyone on particular (unless you want it to be). Not sure how dude’s nose got broken, but I like to think it was the work of an angry protester. That makes me smile.

Show this one to your Grandpa. Should make him chuckle hoarsely, and you’ll probably get a long-winded story out of it.

More disturbing stuff coming.


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Fly Barfer

Fly Barfer (a.k.a. Duke Of Flies from The Binding of Isaac).  Sketched, inked, colored and effects added in Photoshop.  2018

Hi again, Minions!

Been a minute, I know.  Trying to balance my illustration stuff with everything we’re trying to do with 2 Odd Ravens.  It’s all about balance.  I’m gonna do my best to post more shit for you all to check out, such as this big guy here.

Love The Binding of Isaac.  Definitely one of my favorite indie games, so I had to give some love to The Duke of Flies.  Probably one of the drawings I’ve worked the longest on, partially cuz I don’t do anything the RIGHT way, and I had to redo the ink and add my texture of choice.  I’m happy with it.  Duke’s pretty chill, just floatin’ around, hwarfing up flies.  Living his best life.  I almost feel bad when I kill him, cuz he’s not really the problem…it’s all the goddamn flies.  If not for them, we’d probably be good buddies.

If you’d like to purchase this one and bring the Duke home, flies and all, send me an email (

Stay tuned for more art craps.


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Jesus Piece’ Debut Album ONLY SELF Is The Heaviest Thing That Ever Heavied.

(click on the album cover to go to their page)

Jesus Piece ONLY SELF

A monster right out the gate, Only Self is a solid first release that’s as clocked in as it is brutal.

BAND: Jesus Piece
ALBUM: Only Self
RELEASE DATE: August 24th, 2018
GENRE: Hardcore/metalcore
FOR FANS OF: Vein, Code Orange, End

I can honestly say, no exaggeration, that while I’ve been excited about this album for about a month, I was not even slightly prepared for something like this.

From the time I heard the three singles on Bandcamp weeks ago, I had every intention on downloading the debut LP Only Self from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Jesus Piece upon its release. The three singles they pulled from the album were thick and menacing, so I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy it.

Having now played this album from beginning to end about 3 or 4 times already, I can say this record has exceeded every expectation I had. Call it a banger, say that it slaps, or refer to it as face-melting….none of that would quite explain it.

Only Self fades in and ignites with its intro track, entitled “Lucid”, and you can already tell that this band is hungry. Aaron Heard’s vocals are monstrous and powerful, and match perfectly with the pummeling, downtuned guitar work from David Updike (ex. Frontlines) and John Distefano, as well as the thick foundation of bass and drums from Anthony Marinaro (ex. Crosscheck) and Luis Aponte, respectively. It all culminates to a severely heavy record that my body was not prepared to endure.

If your stereo isn’t a potato or you’ve at least got some good headphones, you’ll appreciate just how bass heavy the majority of this record is. It rattles windows, it sets off car alarms, it induces labor, all while still maintaining a fair amount of groove. The 1:11 mark of the fourth track, entitled “Curse of the Serpent”, illustrates this. It’s just so…FILTHY. I feel sorry for anyone standing on the edge of the pit when JP plays this track live. When you hear it, crowds will be killed. The last two tracks, entitled “I” and “II”, take a much needed rest from the constant battering of the previous tracks, and instead are slower and droning, reminding me a lot of tracks like “Phoenix In Flight” by Converge or “Zozobra” by Old Man Gloom. Honestly, they could’ve just combined these two tracks into one and had one 7 minute long ending track instead of having two, but I’m assuming they did this so they could say they have ten whole tracks.

Production of the album is all around solid, again, depending on what you’re listening to it on. My shitty car stereo makes everything tend to sound hella trebly and muddy, but on my wife’s car stereo, everything is clear and present, and this album sounded gorgeous.

Only Self is a murderous first attempt from Jesus Piece, and it’s gonna be very hard to follow this up. Tight, savage, and heavy as all fuck. Listener discretion is advised.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some holes in my walls to tend to…

5/5 – There are wars that weren’t this brutal.


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New Horror Pins!


Need some creepy flair for your clothes? We got you covered!

Greetings, my Minions!

So we’re all moved in and loving our new apartment. It wasn’t a far move (about 800ft away from our last apartment building, actually), and we’ve got a bit more space now.

We got lots of plans brewin’ for both 2 Odd Ravens and Quid Industries. In the meantime, we got pins for sale! Our official 2 Odd Ravens Shop isn’t up yet, but if you’d like to purchase a pin, just send an email to!


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I got SLIMED last night!

The green bastard took the last box of Hi-C Ecto Cooler. Where’s my damn Proton Pack, cuz he about to get it…

Afternoon Minions!

So yesterday, I was on FIYAA.  Not sure if it’s something in the air, but my artist muse has been kicking it into high gear lately, and I’ve been inspired and eager to create.  Not only did I work on two different designs for skateboards before work yesterday, I busted this slimey dude out before I left work for the night.  I’ve purposely been leaving my Posca paint markers at work, and taking a couple pieces of canvas print to work with me in an effort to remind myself that even though I don’t have my tablet and Photoshop or Illustrator with me, THAT DOESN’T MEAN I SHOULDN’T BE DRAWING.  Last I checked, art was a thing long before it was digitized, so I have no excuse.  I need to be drawing every chance I get.  Plus, it’s nice to know that I can still use traditional methods to create cool illustrations, like our bloated green ghost here.

Always been a fan of Ghostbusters, and especially of Slimer, so I’m excited about how this one came out.  In the past, I’ve made the mistake of using paint markers and putting down the line work before the colors, which of course got me into a world of trouble later on.  This time, I drew the design in pencil first, then laid down my flat colors (Aaaand now I gotta replace my light green marker..) then the shadows, highlights, and THEN the line work.  Much better results.  Canvas print is fun to draw on, but I think I prefer a good piece of marker paper.  The nibs tend to drag on the textured canvas and flick paint where I don’t want it sometimes.  The pens with the fatter nibs don’t have this problem, but these fine liners require a bit less speed because of that paint flicking.

If you like this one, do me a solid and share it with some other Ghostbusters fanboys.  And stay tuned for those skateboard designs, they’re gonna be pretty sick.


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